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"Thank you for helping me move on into a more peaceful space. I feel so much more relaxed and experiencing feelings I’ve not known in my life before. Thank you so much."   Pauline











Therapies available for Self styled Retreat

Swedish massage Videhya (practitioner - Videhya)
Massage therapy releases endorphins that counteract depression, anxiety and cravings and provides emotional and physical balance; increasing well being, clearing symptoms and improving energy levels. Massage enhances immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow and circulation which enables the body to more quickly eliminate toxins. ($80.00 per person per hour)


Spiritual Readings  Robyn(practitioner - Robyn)
A spiritual reading is an opportunity for you to gain greater meaning and purpose in life. Through the reading you may have a sense of peace and healing while receiving messages. When we ask a question, spirit usually tells us already what we know, its confirmation on a soul level for you to bring into awareness.  Be prepared to take notes.
$100.00 1hour    $50.00 30mins


Your Invitation to a Unique Healing Hawaiian Massage  (practitioner - Robyn)
Founder of Step Out of the Ordinary in Bunbury, Robyn can adjust your body’s energy for greater health and wellbeing. She does so by integrating Ancient Hawaiian massage and unique healing techniques to clear energy blocks in the body using breath, sound and essential flower essences the wisdom of interpreting your body’s messages for therapeutic relief.
Using forearms and hands in long flowing movements, Robyn will sweep away tension and bring you to a point of deep relaxation. She combines dance, rhythm, breath, energy and touch to deliver a very dynamic, energy balancing and transformational bodywork.
A single 60-minute session of this “Hawaiian Massage” can have dramatic effects. Robyn’s clients have reported greater vitality, a stronger immune system, and a brighter outlook as some of the benefits.
$100.00 1hour
2 or more people for massage is $80.00 per hour